(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Following last night’s announcement regarding Afghanistan troop withdrawals, Rep. Rich Nugent (FL-05) issued the following statement:

“A week and a half ago, I got back from a trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The difference between Iraq and Afghanistan was striking.

“Everywhere we went in Iraq, we wore tactical gear and flew around in convoys at high-speeds.  In Afghanistan, we wore casual clothes and walked around streets that just six months ago would have been totally inhospitable.

“Our troops have made enormous progress securing Afghanistan, and I want to make sure that the President is listening to the commanders on the ground about the pace of withdrawals and not making decisions for political reasons. 

“I’ve got two sons in Iraq and one just finished a fifteen month tour in Afghanistan and frankly, I wanted to see all of our troops home yesterday. But I also don’t see the wisdom in handing your enemy your playbook. 

“I am very skeptical of announcing withdrawal dates and troop numbers.  The closer we get to our announced withdrawal in Iraq, the worse it seems to be getting.  I support bringing them home, but politics should never, ever be put ahead of the safety of our men and women in uniform.”



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