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Hernando Today

Our opinion: Richard Nugent best choice for Congress.

Nugent has 26 years experience as a law enforcement officer and has served two four-year terms as sheriff in Hernando County. He has administered $30 million budgets, advanced the professionalism of his department to top-quality standards, taken over the county jail to help taxpayers save money and served the residents of Hernando County with honesty and integrity. He'll do the same in Congress. More importantly, Nugent will work to shrink government, something his opponent couldn't do considering his stand on the issues and his party's entitlement philosophy. Nugent is a man of moral principles and is willing to stand up against the insane spending and government expansion in Washington, D.C. He's a conservative with conservative values. He's sworn to help repeal the obscene Obamacare healthcare law, which will cripple our already teetering economy. Hernando Today recommends voters send Nugent to Congress to serve in the 5th District seat. Read the complete endorsement here.

Citrus County Chronicle

October 17, 2010

OUR OPINION: Nugent the better suited of two solid candidates.

“Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent, the Republican candidate, has a track record of public service that gives him the edge.”  “His time in public office has given him experience with the day-to-day business of government, from operating a large organization to working within budget constraints to working with county commissioners and interacting with the public. He has said he signed a pledge against earmarks and is in favor of repealing and replacing health care reform.”

In our opinion, Nugent is the better candidate to represent District 5 in Congress and we endorse him in the general election.

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Nugent Tampa Bay Online

The Tampa Tribune has endorsed Sheriff Rich Nugent for Congress in Florida’s 5th Congressional District.  

Hernando County Sheriff Rich Nugent, who won the Republican primary over a tea-party movement activist, and Democrat James "Jim" Piccillo, who was unopposed, want to succeed Brown-Waite. Nugent clearly is the superior candidate.

Nugent, 59, who moved to Hernando 26 years ago, knows the area well. His years of public service - he was elected sheriff in 2000 - and budgetary experience will enable him to identify wasteful federal spending and work to lower the tax rate.

In addition, Nugent's 36 years-plus in law enforcement will enhance public safety initiatives, including homeland security, and help forge solutions in the immigration debate, including the need to better secure our borders. And he has demonstrated the ability to work with other public officials, no matter political affiliation, which is greatly needed in gridlocked Washington.

Read the complete endorsement here.

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St Petersburg Times


The St, Petersburg Times

October 8, 2010

The St. Petersburg Times has endorsed Sheriff Rich Nugent for Congress in Florida's 5th Congressional District:

Nugent, 59, is the best choice for the 5th Congressional District, which includes all of Hernando and Citrus, most of Pasco and parts or all of five other counties. He has a long-term commitment to the community, a proven track record at budgeting and improving efficiency, and an ability to work with other government agencies.

Read the complete endorsement here.

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