Stop Reckless Government Spending and Control Our National Debt

I am committed to fighting against the out of control spending in Washington. Since President Obama has taken over, the national debt has skyrocketed and now each taxpayer owes more than $136,000. I brought the Balanced Budget Amendment to the House floor to stop that and led the debate on behalf of Republicans.

Give Our Families & Small Businesses Tax Relief

I will not support any legislation that would raise taxes on hardworking Americans. Our tax code has become complicated, outdated, and riddled with loopholes. I will work to simplify the tax code so that all Americans can easily prepare their taxes, including small businesses. Small businesses are the job creators and I will do everything in my power to encourage entrepreneurship and bring jobs to the Fifth Congressional District.

Oppose the Government Takeover of Healthcare

I oppose President Obama and Speaker Pelosi’s takeover of healthcare and have voted to repeal it. Obamacare will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal deficit and will do nothing to reduce costs. I oppose the President’s cuts to Medicare and will fight to ensure you can keep the coverage you already have. We need common sense solutions that actually reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Secure Our Borders

I received an “A” grade from Numbers USA for my legislative record on fighting illegal immigration. Washington has failed to secure our borders for years now. I will continue to use my law enforcement experience to push my colleagues toward practical solutions that will ensure that our borders are sealed and our immigration laws are strengthened and enforced. I will never support amnesty for those who enter our country illegally.

Protect Our Rights

I also received a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition. I support pro-life and pro-family legislation. I will work in defense of parental rights, religious liberty, and the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I have and will continue to support the rights of Americans to own firearms.

The Second Amendment

I strongly believe in the second amendment, and will continue to be a staunch defender of gun rights in Congress. As a father, I’ve taught my sons to be responsible gun owners. As a congressman, I brought the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 to the House floor and led the debate for Republicans.