Social Security has been an important safety net for millions of Seniors since 1935. Today the Social Security Administration handles old age, survivors, and disabled social insurance programs. Millions of elderly Americans who paid their premiums rely on those benefits to cover all of their daily living expenses.

My opponent has attacked Social Security as another entitlement program. Some have even gone so far as to say it is “unconstitutional,” failing to recognize that you paid premiums into a plan and are promised certain benefits. I view Social Security as a sacred promise made by our government many years ago, and one that must be kept. In fact, it is more than just a promise, it’s an ironclad guarantee made by the United States Government to the American people.

I will fight to protect Social Security benefits for current and near retirees as well as for those receiving survivor or disability benefits. I will oppose and fight any cuts to Medicare and will work to ensure that seniors keep the benefits they already have. Unlike my opponent, I will oppose any attempt to privatize social security with risky investment schemes. I will also work to ensure that cost of living adjustments are restored to seniors. I recognize that seniors on fixed incomes are faced with increased costs on everything from utilities to groceries, and these cost of living adjustments are vital to them.

Seniors have worked hard all of their lives and deserve the benefits they were promised. Seniors deserve our support in their golden years. They will always have mine.



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