Earlier this month, President Obama traveled to El Paso, TX -- right on our Southern Border -- to deliver a speech on immigration reform.  I had hoped to hear a speech of substance with ideas on how to begin work on a bipartisan effort to protect and secure our southern border states.  Instead, we heard a campaign speech, with the President pandering to the audience by reiterating his support for the "Dream Act" and calling for “comprehensive” immigration reform.

Unfortunately, the President refuses to listen to the very people who voted him into office.  The American people overwhelmingly want the Southern Border secured before even considering reforms to our immigration system.  The President clearly favors some form of amnesty for those who are in our country illegally.  As a former law enforcement officer, I know that we simply can't reward people who break our laws, no matter what their motives may be.  What the American people want is for this Administration to enforce the laws it has on the books.

That's why so many of us found the President's comparison of illegal immigrants coming across the Rio Grande to those coming to Ellis Island so disturbing.  There is a big difference between coming to America legally through Ellis Island and crossing the Rio Grande.  Those who came to Ellis Island did so legally.  Those crossing the Rio Grande are breaking the law.  There is no way to rewrite that history.

If we are going to get serious about illegal immigration, we first need to secure our border.  Please leave me a comment below.  I want to hear what you think.

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  • Daylene Sadler

    06/01/2011 08:08 PM

    Take care of our borders,please put up the walls. Stop the aliens froming coming in any where not just Mexico. Right now Mexico is the worst.
    Bring down the gas prices, drill for oil both in the Gulf and on land. We should be self-sufficient. Obama will bring the prices down just to get votes don't let him get away with it.
    Please do something about Obama health care. Stop it all together.
    Keep everyone from putting IOU's in the Soc Sec lock box. It is our money for retirement not theirs. They don't put any money in it.
    Also, they should not get all the benefits (Congress,the Rep, the Senate) make them pay, LIKE WE DO.
    America was a free country and envied by many other countries but that is less & less. WE NEED TO STAY FREE & PROUD.
    I am a proud American and love my country but thanks to the people in Washington my country is dying.
    I will vote to get them all out. Help save our country.

  • Dale Drake

    05/26/2011 04:48 PM

    Secure our boarders should have always been done.
    Immigration reform
    master obama went to El Paso and in his speech he told immigrants that they could get citizenship like everyone else has in the past.
    I do not understand why the laws that we have been working under for so many years can be so wrong.

    We are in such trouble and what can we do as citizens

    frustrated over giving America away

    What can I do for My Country
    Dale Drake

  • Vonda Burkhart

    05/26/2011 10:50 AM

    Our number 1 priority should be to secure our borders...all of them. It's not just illegal Mexicans coming across, it is others who might wish us harm.

    I realize that law enforcement is being ham-strung by this administration, but they need to push back and do what is right! Governor Brewer has my upmost respect for the stance she has taken for Arizona. The remaining 49 states need to do the same.

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