The death of Osama bin Laden sends a clear message to terrorists around the world.  The United States will not rest in its fight to protect the American people.  Nor will we waver in our efforts to bring justice to terrorists such as bin Laden.

Osama bin Laden did not act alone and we will continue to pursue the enemies of freedom wherever they reside and wherever they plot to do our country harm.  Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and intelligence services who have been tireless in their efforts to protect our country.  We owe each of them a debt that can never be repaid.


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  • Cecile Sealander

    05/25/2011 02:09 AM

    I feel that our men in service performed
    an excellent job in the face of difficulties and danger for which I'll be forever grateful. Thank you.
    It is also my hope that planned spending and expanding of government by the president in recent years will be diverted entirely to avoid any further damage to the economy. Thank you for your
    reply to my concern in your visit to Chiefland, FL Levy County City Hall.