Jul 08 2010

Lessons Learned

One of the earliest lessons I can remember learning as a child was to take responsibility for my own actions. My parents taught me not to blame others for my failings and not to make excuses for things that I did wrong. It’s too bad that the Obama Administration hasn’t learned those lessons. Eighteen months after taking office they continue to blame the previous Administration for everything from the price of gasoline to the Gulf Oil Spill.

I have a feeling that President Obama will soon learn that the American people are fair minded people and they don’t like to see anyone shirking responsibilities. President Obama was elected to solve problems, not continually blame them on the other guy. It’s time for the President to take responsibility for his policy failures and to tell us what he is going to do to remedy the many problems we are confronting.

We know now that we basically wasted over 800 billion dollars with a stimulus bill that didn’t stimulate anything – our unemployment rate nationwide is still at 9.5% and our economy is still in the midst of a recession. I’ve always thought it curious that the Obama Administration would claim saving or creating jobs that were never lost. I find it equally curious that a big chunk of the stimulus money was given to states to help them meet budget shortfalls, thereby transferring debt from state ledgers to the federal ledger.

I learned a long time ago that you must live within your means, whether you are an individual, a business, a local government, a state government or the federal government. Most Americans learned that same lesson, as did most small business owners. In fact, most governmental agencies also have learned that lesson. It is only state and federal governments that seem to have forgotten fiscal discipline, and, in fairness, most of the state problems have been thrust upon them by unfunded mandates forced upon them by the federal government.

The Obama Administration and the liberal Democrats in Congress evidently never learned the lessons that you and I learned as youngsters.


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